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*NOTE: Due to the current raising COVID-19 infection number, a temporary lockdown is in effect from 22 November until 13 December. Travel to Austria for touristic purposes will only be possible again after this period. Find all current information here.

There is nothing better in winter, than enjoying a hot cup of coffee and a warm Apfelstrudel inside a nice cafe. Living in Vienna for nineteen years now, I am a Viennese by choice. Within all these years, I have visited almost all cafes in my hometown, and I know what I am talking about. Literally, I spent a lot of money in Viennese cafes and restaurants, and I don’t regret it, here is why?

From traditional coffee houses where waiters serve drinks in abundant surroundings, to the modern coffee shops, Vienna has one of the best coffee houses in Europe. One of the reasons why I love living in Vienna– it’s filled with truly charming Viennese coffee houses but also there are a lot of beautiful Cafes in Paris style, which I love.  

Here are my favorite Viennese coffee houses for cold winter days:

Demel K. u. K. Hofzuckerbäcker

Demel is my number one favorite place for fine pastries and coffee in winter. It was a hotspot among aristocrats and Vienna’s bourgeoisie since 1786. It’s a wonderful place to have a nice Viennese breakfast or just a coffee and cake at the former “Smoker’s salon” as well as the spacious salons on the 1st and 2nd floor. Everything at Demel tastes like heaven. For winter I would suggest the famous Kaiserschmarrn, smoked salmon sandwich, apple strudel, the wonderful Anna cake and of course a Viennese melange.

Café Central

A visit to Vienna is not complete without. Famous and influential people like Leo Trotzki, Sigmund Freud, several writers and poets including Polgar, Zweig and Altenberg and an architect Adolf Loos walked into a café. The menu includes a broad selection of classic Viennese dishes, traditional coffee specialities and great desserts from the in-house patisserie. 

Café Landtmann

After Demel and Café Central, I love visiting Café Landtmann in winter. It’s always packed like the other traditional cafes, but I still love the atmosphere here. It is a famous coffee house for important business meetings, but also tourists love to experience the true Vennese coffee house feeling. Sitting on original Thonet chairs from the imperial age, or in one of the snug heritage-protected booths feels great. For breakfast try the Frany Landtmann breakfast, or Eggs Florentine.

Café Sacher

It’s a hotspot for tourists, but I love having coffee at Café Sacher. An insider tip: go to the Red or Blue Bar inside the Sacher Hotel for a nice Viennese coffee and the original Sacher cake with whipped cream.


Palmenhaus was my most frequently visited Cafe in my university times, especially before I graduated. Since it is located next to the National Library, I went to Palmenhaus everyday for a coffee before I started my day. Inside a very impressive interior surrounded by many palm trees, you get the feeling as if you are in the middle of the palm jungle. I love their breakfast and lunch menu, with a broad selection of Viennese classics, but also nice vegan choices. 

Café Kunsthistorisches Museum

If you visit the Art History Museum, a coffee break at the museum’s cafe is a must. This cafe has the most impressive interior and it’s located at the top floor of the museum. A great cafe to start your art day!

Gerstner K. u. K. Hofzuckerbäcker

Established by Anton and Barbara Gerstner nearly 170 years ago, Gerstner opened the new Gerstner K. u. K. Hofzuckerbäcker at ‘Kärntner Straße 51’ vis á vis the Vienna State Opera. You must visit the Gerstner Beletage for breakfast, lunch or just for a coffee– you’ll be amazed. 

Café Gloriette

The impressive early neo-classical building served as a breakfast room for Emperor Franz Joseph I for some time and was used as a dining hall until the end of the Danube Monarchy, Gloriette is no doubt one of Austria’s most impressive coffeehouses. A great place for breakfast or just for a coffee and tea.

Beaulieu Épicerie fine & Bistrot

One of my absolute favourite French bistro in town, the Beaulieu is located in the Ferstlpassage, a passage from Herrengasse to Freyung. The bistro offers seats in the outdoor area, as well as indoor area. When you enter the restaurant, you’ll immediately feel like you are in Paris. A tiled floor, music in the background, wooden chairs with old round marble tables and a variety of French specialties from the refrigerated display case such as sausage, cheese, patisserie etc., in the self-service area wines, sweets, spices and much more – are offered.

PARÉMI – Boulangerie & Pâtisserie

If you love France and miss the original French bread and fine Pâtisserie de Paris, you have to visit PARÉMI. The menu includes a broad selection of Éclairs, Choux Pralinés, Mille-Feuilles, Entremets, Tartes, Macarons, Madeleines, Chocolate-Moelleux, freshly baked brioches and croissants etc. You should not miss it!

L’Amour du Pain – Artisan Boulanger Patissier Café

Another amazing french patissier cafe in Vienna. You should not miss their mouthwatering croissants and eclairs.

La Mercerie

Located at Berggasse 25, in Vienna’s 9th district, this lovely french cafe serves fresh croissants all day long. I would recommend this cafe for coffee and croissants.

No Panic Coffee

The former Café Le Marché has a new name, in the same location Währinger Str. 6-8The barista team serves the best coffee in town and offers fresh meals and cakes throughout the day. The coffee beans are carefully roasted and can be purchased in the café. Try the avocado smash with poached egg with a nice cup of coffee. 

Balthasar Kaffee Bar

If Balthasar was located close to my home, it would have been very dangerous for my wallet! 🙂 Gladly it’s located in the 2nd district, otherwise I would have grabbed a coffee here everyday. Balthasar is one of the best places in Vienna to have a good coffee. The beans that are roasted for the Balthasar in the Wild Roastery are always good, sometimes outstanding. There are also small snacks, newspapers and an urban chic interior. 

Cafe Ansari

Another favourite cafe in Vienna’s 2nd district. I love Cafe Ansari for the atmosphere, great food and drinks. It’s a charming cosmopolitan restaurant with a lovely interior, with an oriental-Caucasian-inspired menu: in addition to a Viennese breakfast, there is also a Russian and a Georgian breakfast on the menu.

Brasserie & Bakery – The Guesthouse Vienna

One of my favorite places for business lunch meetings, Brasserie & Bakery at the Guesthouse Vienna is also a great place for coffee and cake. The menu includes a broad selection of classic Viennese dishes, delicious breakfast with organic eggs, fresh oysters on weekends etc.

Café Adlerhof

A breakfast hotspot for the Viennese and tourists who discovered this place on Instagram. I love sitting in the bright winter garden with the famous staircase in the middle surrounded by plants. But not only the interior is Instagrammable, also the breakfast is really impressive here. A breakfast hotspot for the Viennese and tourists who discovered this place on Instagram. I love sitting in the bright winter garden with the famous staircase in the middle surrounded by plants. But not only is the interior Instagrammable, also the breakfast is really impressive here. 

Café Himmelblau

The 18th district might be far for many, but a visit to Kutschkermarkt and Café Himmelblau it’s worth it.  A very cozy place for coffee, brunch, breakfast, lunch or a homemade cake. Cafe Himmelblau bakes everything fresh every day, and the kitchen creates new delicacies every week. 


Ulrich is a very popular breakfast spot located on the beautiful St. Ulrichs Platz. I have visited this Cafe in 2014 and 2015 very often, always loved the food and the atmosphere here. In recent years, Ulrich has had a reinforcement in the form of “little brother” Erich, who is only a few steps away. Both restaurants are run by the same owner. The menu includes a broad selection of great breakfast options and delicious coffee.

Photos (c) Monika Frauenhofer

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