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1. L’Oréal Knows, Feb 2020, 16 x 20 inches, Acrylic on wooden panel, 2. Only a Dentist Can Give Her Better Floride Treatment, Feb 2020, 16 x 20 inches, Acrylic on wooden panel

Dana Robinson

Dana Robinson is a visual artist who addresses black female identity, black love and blackness. Robinson has exhibited her work in the US, abroad. Currently she has work online with Medium Tings, Stay at Home Gallery, and Selena’s Mountain. Her work has been written about in NY Mag’s Vulture, VICE, and Ain’t Bad to name a few. She graduated from the School of Visual Arts with an MFA in Fine Art in 2019, and is preparing to show work for the first time in a virtual reality environment at Untitled Art Online with LatchKey Gallery and Selena’s Mountain later this month.

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3. With a Little Help from Fashion Fair Cosmetics, Feb 2020, 18 x 24 inches, Acrylic on wooden panel
4. The Kind of World I Want for My Child, Feb 2020, 16 x 20 inches, Acrylic on wooden panel

1. A Veil of Bitter Songs, 40×40 in fabric and o/c, 2. In a Day, She Became the Master of Her House, 55×65 in o/c

Ronald Jackson

Ronald Jackson is not a portrait painter, but he studies the face, speculating their story and identifying with their humanity. He grew up in the rural South of the Arkansas Delta. He is the youngest of eleven kids born to a farmer and a community organizer.

Deeply influenced by both his childhood upbringing, as well as his adult experiences, immersed in a number a cultures though his time spent in the United States Army. Through his paintings, Jackson seeks to capture intimate settings that function as gateways to ponder the complexities of the human experience and the societies that influence them.

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1.A Man, Invisiabke, I Am, 48×48 in o/c, 2: She lives in the Spirit of her Mother’s Dreams, 60×72 in o/c

1. In Full Bloom, 2. Head In The Clouds (On Archival cold pressed water color paper)

Cristina Martinez

The talented Black-Mexican artist from Seattle, Cristina Martinez creates art to express female empowerment. The 33-year-old mother and former fashion student is well known for her 52-foot-long mural titled The Roots inside 3 World Trade Center.

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4. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, 5. Bloom in Silence

1. A Ladder 2018 acrylic on vellum 63 × 40 in 160 × 101.6 cm, 2. Lament 2019 acrylic on vellum 65.625 × 45.625 × 2.125 in 166.7 × 115.9 × 5.4 cm

Greg Breda

California native Greg Breda is a self-taught talented visual artist who creates contemporary and visually realistic paintings. His work explores the strength, resilience and beauty of the human spirit, Greg constructs a realistic central theme against minimal and abstracted backgrounds, persuading the viewer that the compelling conditions surrounding us could merely be challenging illusions. Through his work, Greg seeks to encourage the viewer to envision being elevated, illuminated, and expansive.

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3. Morning Council 2018 acrylic on vellum 40 × 33, 4. Untitled (Salt, woman w/purse), 2013, acrylic on mylar, 40″X 25”

2. That’s Candy’s Sister Cherisa, Oil on canvas 60” x 40”. 2019

Shaina McCoy

Shaina McCoy’s paintings make me happy and enthusiastic. Her colorful oil paintings are very positive, yet powerful. The way she uses brushes as sculpting tools is remarkable. She uses the bold textures and featureless faces to evoke a sense of memory and nostalgia. McCoy lives and works in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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3. ¡Besos II! Oil on wood panel 8” x 8”, 4.

Delphine Desane

Former fashion stylist, born in Paris and now based in New York-based Delphine Desane started painting during her maternity leave. In January 2020 Desane’s artwork was featured as a cover of Vogue Italia magazine. Her portraits of women are drawn from her own experiences of motherhood and Black womanhood.

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4. Journeyin’ to Utopia I. 2020, 100 x 80 cm. Acrylic on canvas

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