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Summer is right around the corner, exactly in the right time you discover a product which styles your hair without blow-drying and you realize it’s the best thing you could have found for the summer to come! Air drying your hair and still getting the volume you need? Sounds too good to be true. First I was skeptical if that could actually work, but when I tried Syoss Air Dry foam spray – I was just fascinated by the results. 

I think the best part about Syoss Air Dry is that it saves so much time, for example when you’re traveling around. I had the chance to try it last week when I was in Venice. I always had to rush from one place to another, so I didn’t have time to blow-dry my hair – Syoss Air Dry Volume saved my time. Hair can be tamed without a hair dryer and at the same time it’s anti-frizz and has a great styling effect. Whether curls, straight-look or volume, there are three different Syoss Air Dry foam sprays in Straight, Curl and Volume versions that work easily without a hair dryer.

Inspired by the international runway shows, Syoss created this amazing product for natural styles, as they are more trendier than ever this year. The hair style should remain flexible and get along without any blow-dry. Thanks to Syoss Air Dry foam sprays, the hair not only looks casual, but also flows as we want to. It also provides weightless control without sticking and a reliable anti-frizz effect.
If you want volume without blow-dry, Syoss Air Dry Volume is the right choice: The foam spray applied to the towel-dried hair ensures voluminous styles while providing strong control. With Syoss Air Dry Curl, defined curls are possible even without blow drying. Simply spray into towel-dried hair and then create defined curls with your hands. If you prefer a smooth look, you should bet on Syoss Air Dry Straight. Brush your hair after spraying – the sleek look is ready without blow-drying. Depending on what hair you desire, the hairstyle can be combed through after drying and finally fixed with the Syoss Fiber Flex Hairspray. Syoss Air Dry foam sprays are available at BIPA, dm and Müller, for 3,99 Euro.

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