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Today, I want to share my laser hair removal experience I am having at Dr. Chichakli‘s clinic in Vienna, because it has quite literally changed my life. Body hair is an incredibly personal but also unavoidably political topic, since its presence is natural and its removal is tied to socially reinforced beauty ideals. I respect everyone’s opinion and everyone should choose itself either shun hair removal, shave or wax or pay for laser hair treatments. Since a teenager I am the biggest enemy of body hair, so this treatment is by far the best decision I ever made.

I have a gorgeous, healthy, thick hair on my head and I am incredibly grateful for it. But the same genetics that gave me the gorgeous, healthy, thick hair on my head also gave me body hair. Everywhere, expect arms. How lucky I am?! In addition having quiet lot of body hair, I am lucky to have a great skin that never gets redness, inflammation or itchy. Still I always hated having body hair, and started with waxing all over since I was a teenager and sometimes shaved my armpits when I was in hurry. We all know that shaving is the worst. For some razor can burn painfully, makes body hair grow thicker, and the skin becomes intensely itchy and eventually a good percentage of the hairs become ingrown. I’m sure that many of you have dealt with similar problems. Therefore, I decided to talk about my own experience with laser hair removal, not just because has changed my life but also drastically altered how I feel about my body. However, what works for me may not work for everyone. That’s why if you are looking for the same solution, first you have to talk with the cosmetician and get the best consulting you need.

I have been thinking about the laser hair removal long time ago, but I didn’t know where to get the best treatment and I wasn’t sure if it really works. So I continued waxing for years, and to be honest, I was tired of making appointments every three weeks and for sure it also didn’t cost me less. Thankfully, I got to know Dr. Chichakli‘s clinic and I decided to start the treatment with the lovely cosmetician Natalie. The first appointment was the check-up how the hair structure is. According to Natalie, my hair structure was very good and she said, it will work the best on me. Surely I was happy to hear her feedback and decided to start the treatment on armpits and from belly down to the feet. Basically the complete half body!

For many laser hair removal treatment is not affortable, but it’s definitely “an investment in freedom.” Frequently asked question is, if people of all skin tones and hair types get this treatment and is equally effective on everyone? Yes, with the right laser you are able to treat all skin tones, but a laser hair removal is still only effective on dark hair.
Hormone changes can affect new hair growth and and results can vary for everyone. I had my first treatment end of November 2017, and even after more than 10 weeks – the body hair still didn’t grow out. So I had the second treatment last week and I am curious to see how long will it take this time until the body hair grows again. Why was this life-changing? I have no in-growns, no razor burn when I do shave, and hair growth so inconspicuous that I frequently go for weeks without shaving and no one notices. I am less self-conscious, not itchy, and ever so much happier and more comfortable – both during summer when my bare legs are exposed and during winter when my legs live inside tights for months at a stretch. I just worry about it less. Doing this removed a source of frequent anxiety and freed up that precious energy for more important matters. Click here for more information and prices.

Photography by Tony Gigov 

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