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This month marks the one year anniversary of moving into my new apartment. My goal was to make my home as comfortable and attractive as possible and then get on with living. Decorating properly, especially the walls, always takes time, because you want to see how every piece at your home matches the vibe of the interior colors and materials.

Waking up every morning to a beautifully decorated interior, one that represents your passions, interests and personality, is the best feeling on Earth. 

Once I’ve found the perfect bedroom furniture (bed frames, nightstands, dressers and a rug), it was time to add finishing touches into my space: bedroom wall decor. 

A month ago, I was contacted by Freudenreich, a wonderful marketplace for home and interior design founded in 2020 by Eva-Maria Heimel and Stefanie Moser, Freudenreich has now become a stable partner for retailers, manufacturers and interior designers. I was introduced to the internationally renowned artist, sculptor and designer Elizabeth Ortiz.

Elizabeth Ortiz, left her successful life in Beverly Hills behind, in which she worked for celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Steven Spielberg, Serena Williams and Wolfgang Puck, and has been living and working in Austria for a year, more precisely in Grödig near Salzburg. Her love of opera inspired Ortiz to move to Salzburg, in a quiet and beautiful landscape of Salzburgs panoramic nature.

Elizabeth Ortiz’s art and design background is strongly influenced by her family. Her parents are also artists and owned several galleries in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Where Ortiz worked in the art business since she was little, and continued her career as an artist.

She also took a formal training in sculpture and painting before moving to Beverly Hills and started her business there. Over the years Elizabeth Ortiz have worked for numerous designers, architects and private clients.

She is always trying new things and experiments with unusual techniques and materials, which can be described as “out of the box” creativity.

Abstract art leaves a lot of room for interpretation for the viewer, says Elizabeth Ortiz in her interview for Freudenreich. The images speak their own language, and it is always fascinating to see how differently people perceive them.

Therefore, I chose the P A T E F A C T U S ”, the special edition created for me in 120×170, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

The textured surface of the marble plaster (real powdered marble) gives this image visual depth and dynamism. The matte gold finish and slightly greenish patina catch the light for a warm, timeless touch. A work of art that blends effortlessly into a variety of different interiors.

Important facts: The marble gypsum is applied to a slim and robust aluminum composite panel. The picture is delivered without a frame.

“Each artwork is unique and made to order by Elizabeth Ortiz, and will look different in each space according the light reflection and space decoration.”

What makes Elizabeth Ortiz’s work stand out is, you’ll receive mockups before ordering the art piece. This is the easiest and best way to visualize paintings in your space. 

To match the style and the interior color palette, I choose this custom selection of Guggenheim shadowbox frame for the “P A T E F A C T U S ”. The satin black with brushed gold finish enhances the metallic highlights of the painting and gives more depth and dimension.

With the right wall decoration, every home can look straight out of AD magazine. 

So can you upgrade your home wall decoration by ordering your customised art at Freudenreich by Elizabeth Ortiz.

In conclusion: There is no doubt that a bedroom is one of the most personal spaces in your home. It’s a place where you are vulnerable, so it is very important to feel relaxed and comfortable.

I choose the “P A T E F A C T U S ” to match my bedroom aesthetic, and to opt for something different.  If you are also looking to elevate your interior game, start creating a space that makes you feel happy, comfortable, relaxed and to be unique, as well as add personality into it.


Photography (c) Tony Gigov (For photography inquiries, please contact Tony Gigov directly

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*Disclaimer: This is an unpaid advertisement. This painting is a gift from Freudenreich, in order to write about the art piece by Elizabeth Ortiz.



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