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It’s time to dust off your sparkly dresses and glam up your beauty routine.

By the end of this year, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate the last days of December and get ready for 2018. It’s cold and dark outside, but it’s time to sparkle and be colourful – especially with the right make-up products. Brave ones will continue wearing mascara and eye-liner pencil and lot of colourful pigments around the eyes. So that the look doesn’t appear too strong, lipstick and rouge should stay minimal. Overall for this season either eyes or lips should be remarkable, because less is more.

I teamed up with the world’s most amazing cosmetics brand SENSAI, to show you how to create a festive look for this holiday season. SENSAI combines advanced skincare technology with the supreme power of its precious signature ingredient, Koishimaru Silk. This extraordinary fusion of science and nature works in harmony with the body, creating flawlessly silky skin that enhances every woman’s unique beauty. So are the SENSAI foundations, that provide an incredible flawless silky skin. For the festive holiday look I created a purple minimal smokey-eyes, using the Eye Shadow Palette in ES11 and adding a finishing touch with the Liquid Eyeliner and Pencil in black, as well as the Volumising Mascara. Here I show you how to create this look:

  • GLOWING BASE – a wonderful light make-up primer with pearlescent pigments that corrects and smooths skin tone while illuminating skin from within for a natural, healthy glow. It has a great hydrating texture that keeps the make-up looking fresh for hours. This is definitely the perfect first step to create a great make-up look.
  • FLAWLESS SATIN FOUNDATION – this amazing foundation has a creamy formula that replenishes skin with refreshing, sustained hydration for a naturally gentle glow, clarifies the skin tone and delivers flawless coverage. Perfect for the evening!
  • LIQUID FOUNDATION BRUSH – this professional brush with its beveled head allows you to blend liquid foundation into the skin for a smooth, seamless finish. Skillfully tapered bristles ‘polish’ the foundation into creases and corners, and help control the amount of radiance you want.
  • TRANSLUCENT LOOSE POWDER – I have used many loose powders in my life, but this powder is magical. Highly translucent, featherweight powder reflects light softly for a silky finish and keeps make-up looking fresh. The luminescent pearls work for all skin tones perfectly!
  • SUPREME ILLUMINATOR – I am not a fan of the highlighters, but if than it should be this one. Believe me!  Its satin texture glides on smoothly, leaving a silky powder feel and lets you to capture the glow you need by infusing light wherever you want it. Use under foundation for a natural glow, or over, for a more sculpted look.
Preparation of the skin:

1. Preparation of the skin: Fresh & Clean
Before you apply your make-up, you want your canvas to be perfect – so a well-prepared skin can look good, no matter how much makeup you use! For a perfect preparation you have to clean your face well and do a gentle scrub if needed. In this way, dead skin cells are removed from the skin surface, and your makeup will look flawless. Keep the water lukewarm, because hot water can dry out and irritate your skin, while cold water doesn’t cleanse as effectively. First I use SENSAI CLEANSING OIL & CREAM, massage the skin gently and rinse it well, then I apply my favorite LOTION I (LIGHT) that leaves my skin fresh and moisture, combined with EMULSION I (LIGHT) to nourish the skin with nutrients and leave a fresh finish. Last but not least, I always use a rich moisturizer for the face and an eye cream, so that the foundation and concealer can last longer.

2. Applying the foundation
First, I always wear a make-up base, because a base creates an ideal surface for a long-lasting makeup. Afterwards, I put on my foundation. For liquid foundation, I use a make-up special brush to get the radiant complexion. Note: It’s important to blend the makeup from the face into the neck without leaving lines between the two.

3. Lighten with concealer
Use a creamy concealer in a layer under the eyes and moving towards the temples, blending with a sponge. Concealer blends away the imperfections.

4. Matting
A complex, matt, long-lasting finish is needed for a complex skin. I wear Translucent Loose Powder over my entire face, and the skin is ready for colour. (scroll down for further steps).

Shop the Products:

Applying the FLAWLESS SATIN FOUNDATION to the LIQUID FOUNDATION BRUSH for a seamless finish.

  • EYE SHADOW PALETTE in ES11 – three harmonious shadows that can be easily layered for a natural-looking gradation, with a matching eye-defining liner.
  • LIQUID EYELINER in LE01 – elegant, easy-to-use eyeliner has extremely fine brush for smooth, precise lines.
  • EYELINER PENCIL in EL01 – firm pencil creates distinct, lasting lines and has angled tip for smooth blending. Includes sharpener.
  • MASCARA 38°C (VOLUMISING) – gentle, smudge-resistant 38°C formulation with Rich Film Volumiser instantly “fattens” individual lashes.
  • CHEEK BLUSH in CH03 – it has 3 harmonious, layered colours for refined, natural-looking gradations. Soft, silky formulation imparts a healthy-looking radiance.
  • SENSAI ROUGE INTENSE LASTING COLOUR – a timeless, luminous lipstick for enduring colour that stays true for hours with a pleasurably smooth application.

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5. Main attraction: E Y E S
Apply a lighter shade to the upper half of your eyelid. Pick a dark violet eyeshadow. This second eyeshadow should be a little lighter than the black eyeshadow while still being fairly dark. Brush it on starting at your crease and stopping about halfway down your eyelid.
If you used a colour other than black for your base, try to match the lighter colour to its hue as closely as possible. Blend your eyeshadows. Use a blending brush. These brushes have thinner bristles in comparison to eyeshadow brushes, and are designed to create an airbrushed effect. Apply eyeliner to both lash lines. Pick an eyeliner that is either black or a similar colour to your first eyeshadow. A pencil liner will work best, as liquid liner is difficult to smudge. Finish the look with mascara. Apply 2-3 coats of black mascara to your upper lashes. For a more dramatic look, add a coat of mascara to the outer half of your lower lashes as well. If you find your lashes clumping, separate them with a lash comb.

6. Eyebrows: The frame of your face!
First shape, then pluck and fill. Perfect your eyebrows. Because your eyebrows will be framing your smokey eyes; you want to make sure that they’re flawless!

7. Blush
With a rouge the face can be modeled. A round face is less crowded with the blush on the rectangle and a pronounced chin less angular. Using a powder brush, place the blush on ear level and apply to the angle of the mouth. Important: The line should be slightly below the cheekbones, as well as facing downwards and upwards.

8. The best comes at the end: L I P S
Since the eyes are on point for this look, I will hold back at my lips and put on a pretty shade of pink.

9. Fix-it & Finish!
Makeup should not only look good, but also last as long as possible. So fix it with a setting spray and FIESTA!

Et voilà, here is my Holiday look with SENSAI Cosmetics.

*In partnership with SENSAI Cosmetics

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