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Fall brings cooler weather and depending on the location, some places have more humidity or dry cold weather, which causes dry skin. Since I live mostly in Vienna, in October weather significantly drops and it becomes windier in fall and winter. Therefore, my skincare routine changes, so I love to apply layers of serums and moisturizers to keep my skin more hydrated.

This fall I teamed up with HELENA RUBINSTEIN and tested out their legendary green line the— Powercell Skinmunity.

About Helena Rubinstein 

Helena Rubinstein is a luxury skincare brand founded in 1902. It has a rich heritage commitment to innovation, cutting-edge science and personalised service.

The brand’s name is synonymous with iconic products, scientific legitimacy and exceptional formulas. From Valaze, the first treatment cream, to Replasty Age Recovery Night and countless other innovations, its ambition is set on creating the beauty and skincare of the future. 

The first product that I bought from Helena Rubinstein was 14 years ago— the legendary Lash Queen Perfect Black mascara, and since then, I was always interested to try more from HR.

Today, I am very honored to have partnered with Helena Rubinstein and to present to you the iconic green line the—Powercell Skinmunity.


A skincare range infused with millions of native vegetal cells extracted from one of the most resilient coastal plants – the Samphire.

Named for the array of emerald, green and turquoise shades of the sea, Brittany’s Emerald Coast is a protected region in France. The Bréhat Archipelago, which extends over 250 km along the coastline, is made up of more than 100 small pink granite islands and boasts exceptional marine flora with remarkable plant varieties. The region, where the Samphire grows, is one of the top four hotspots for biodiversity worldwide.

Helena Rubinstein identified the Samphire native vegetal cells as a potent skincare ingredient and was one of the first to use them in cosmetics in 2010. 

In 2009, a study conducted with the Skin Substitute Laboratory in Lyon – internationally renowned and specialized in skin reconstruction and skin grafts – confirmed the brand’s findings and demonstrated that Samphire native vegetal cells significantly speed up tissular regeneration, while strengthening the epidermis. One model of reconstructed skin was grown in vitro with fibroblasts (dermal cells). (Source: Helena Rubinstein)

Images via Helena Rubinstein

“Cultivating Samphire in a laboratory requires a very special set of skills: an in-depth knowledge of plant cell metabolism and a mastery over the complex process of growing cells.”

Rémi Laville, Active Biotechnology Manager, SEPPIC 

From AM to PM

After double-cleansing, the skincare starts with a splash of the essence. Essence primarily works toward amping up hydration. It is a water-based skin care that contains a high content of active ingredients to hydrate, protect, and boost the overall health of skin.

When essence is applied to clean skin, it helps restore hydration to the skin cells.

The Powercell Skinmunity Essence by Helena Rubinstein, visibly infused with millions of native vegetal cells, revitalises and strengthens your skin even in the most extraordinary conditions. Its ultra-dewy texture provides deep hydration, smoothness and a healthy glow. Skin gets prepped for the next step, which is the serum.

The Helena Rubinstein Powercell Skinmunity serum strengthens skin even in the most hectic lifestyles. Its ultra-fresh milky texture reinforces signs of youthful skin day after day: imperfections and roughness are smoothed, overall skin quality is improved with healthy radiance and tonicity.

Image via Helena Rubinstein


For the night time routine, I love to add extra hydration, so this Helena Rubinstein PowerCell Skin Rehab Night D-Toxer is a serum that refines the surface of the skin, makes it softer and gives the skin a more beautiful radiance.

This serum contains 150 million stem cells from the two power plants: Samphire and holy thistle. These two active ingredients help the skin to regenerate and protect against free radicals. The skin is strengthened and looks visibly younger.


Forelast step of every skincare routine is the eye-cream. The Helena Rubinstein Powercell 24h eye-care concentrates with millions of native vegetal cells to reduce and correct dark circles and it brightens. Further it strengthens and smoothens skin around the eye and reveals the full power of its youth. It has a nice calming texture, and I love gently tapping small dots under my eyes, starting in the innermost corner and moving outward. Then pat the product on the skin, wait a minute and apply the moisturiser.

From AM to PM

Your skin goes into repair mode at night, working extra hard to fix damage and boost regeneration.

Also during the day moisturizer not only infuses your skin with hydration but also helps trap in all the products underneath it to make the ingredients even more effective.

Concentrated in millions of native vegetal cells, Helena Rubinstein Powercell Skinmunity cream strengthens skin even in the most hectic days. It’s gel-like, fresh texture reinforces signs of youthful skin day after day. A super intense, all day long comfort and moisture for the skin.

A simple four step morning routune:

Product shots via Helena Rubinstein


A good skin care routine is only as good as the products you use. While good quality products can help your skin look better now as well as in the future, cultivating the right routine for your night and day skincare is the key. 

For me every step has its own importance, like starting from the double cleansing to essence, serums to the eye-cream, a moisturizer and the sunscreen. 

I have been using the The Powercell Skinmunity Essence and the Powercell Skinmunity Serum since June 2021, and I must say—I could feel the difference right away. You can feel highly concentrated native vegetal cells in these products, and its ultra-fresh texture. In cooperating the essence and the serum together with all other products of the Powercell Skinmunity family makes my skin super dewy and healthy. All these products are suitable for all skin types, even for the sensitive skin. I can highly recommend everyone to try! Shop the Powercell Skinmunity products here.

Photos (c) Disi Couture

*This content was brought to you in partnership with Helena Rubinstein

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