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Changing your makeup can be a new year’s resolution and the easiest strategy for breaking out of a beauty rut, that has nothing to do with the words diet, detox or workout time. There are some days when you need to rely on your makeup to look fresh. For some, this may be every day! Thankfully there are products like SENSAI Total Finish and Highlighting Concealer (Brush Type), that can be your life changer.My recent go-to everyday foundation is this iconic Total Finish long-lasting powder-type foundation that glides easily but firmly onto the skin, leaving a dewy, flawless, long-lasting silky finish. I apply it sparingly over SENSAI Glowing Base, as you know that your coverage is going to stay exactly how you left it. Combined with SENSAI Highlighting concealer, easy-to-use brush-tip foundation gently and deftly covers blemishes and dark circles. Saturated with skincare ingredients to provide instant treatment as well as smooth, natural coverage over areas of concern.

This is the best concealer I have tried to date. It is incredibly easy to use, the formula is velvety and creamy, and it does a splendid job of hiding dark circles and minimizing fine lines. I also use it on minor blemishes and recent scars and have found it to work beautifully on these types of skin issues, too. It’s in a pen/brush form, which means it is great to keep in your purse or use on the go. I personally prefer to buff my concealer in using a buffer brush, but for a quick fix, the brush applicator still works. You click the end of the concealer to get the product out and simply swipe onto areas you want to conceal.
It is available in four shades, which may makes it a good option for many. Overall, this product is a definitely keeper in my beauty bag!

Here are some tips, how to use the SENSAI Highlighting Concealer (Brush Type) & Total Finish:

If you apply your concealer first, you’ll find that you don’t need to use so much foundation. The concealer covers under-eye circles, blemishes, pimples and more.

The best way to apply concealer is to draw a triangle with the base under your eye and the point toward your cheek. This shape not only conceals dark circles, but it also instantly creates the illusion that your face is lifted.

If you can’t justify spending extra on eye shadow primer, a dab of concealer works just as well.

If your concealer tends too look cakey in the fine lines around your eyes midday, split a tissue into two layers, and use one of the sheets to remove excess oil.

You can mix liquid foundation and the concealer on the back of your hand. Then apply the mixture under your eyes, on the outside by your temples, and over your brow bone to brighten the area and hide puffiness.

Highlighting Concealer (Brush Type)

I adore the Sensai Total Finish powder-type foundation. This compact allows you to easily customize the amount of coverage. Plus, its formula is perfect for getting that elusive, radiant glow.

Since cream foundations are emollient-based, they are perfect for filling in wrinkles and covering hyper-pigmentation.

For a sheerer finish, use a beauty sponge with your cream foundation. Apply as you would a liquid foundation, paying extra care to blend and roll the product into your skin for even coverage.

SENSAI Total Finish and Concealer (Brush Type)


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