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On last travel post, I blogged about best things to do in Venice, Italy. But before visiting Venice, there are few things you should know what to do and not to do when visiting Italy’s most unique city.

DON’T bring a large and heavy luggage. Venice is not a city, where you have car taxis. So imagine to lug your heavy luggage from one boat to another, carry it over all of those bridges and down long streets. It’s definitely exhausting.

DO take vaporetto rides. Getting around Venice is not cheap, I’m not even talking about cruising with water taxis, which are very expensive. But you can save money by purchasing a ticket for the “public transportation,” which in Venice mostly means taking the vaporetto (water buses). Pro tip: Consider Venezia Unica City Pass

DON’T be surprised if the locals have different lines. Especially in the morning or late afternoon the lines are separated, one for the tourists and one for the locals. Why? Just imagine, millions of tourists coming to Venice makes it difficult for locals who need to go to work.

DO ask if a restaurant has a “coperto” (cover charge) before you sit outside. Many restaurants in Venice, will charge a coperto. The price is usually 2-5 € per person, but be sure to ask to avoid a surprise on your bill.

DON’T order pizza in Venice. If you are in Italy, doesn’t mean that pizza is good in every city, especially not in Venice. Wood-burning ovens are banned in Venice, which means that you won’t get the best pizza. Venice is great for pasta and the local seafood.

DO have coffee at the oldest café in the world, Café Florian. Situated under the arches of the Procuratie Nuove in Saint Mark Square, Caffè Florian was opened in 1720. It’s a pricey Café, but it’s worth it to have a macchiato and cake, while watching people in Saint Mark Square and listening to live music outside.

DON’T feed the pigeons in Saint Mark Square. A municipal ordinance banning people from feeding them in the square went into effect since 2008. Here is a good article, why you should’t feed the pigeons in Venice.

DO bring you camera equipment and enjoy taking lot of pictures of the world’s most unique city. Wake-up before sunrise and find a great spot for the most stunning shots when the sun comes up. It’s so worth it!

DON’T use a drone in Venice. Use of camera drones in the city are prohibited. There are many reports online of individuals being arrested and having their drones seized within minutes of takeoff.

DO be cautious about your bags and pockets. Venice welcomes millions of visitors a year, so it’s no surprise that unfortunate events happen. It’s very important to simply not accept anything offered to you, not a rose nor a bracelet. Be sure to keep a good grasp on your personal belongings because thieves often work in groups. Overall, the city is quiet safe, however unfortunate events can happen everywhere.

DON’T forget comfortable shoes and clothes. Venice is a city that has to be explored by foot, so make sure you pack comfortable shoes that you can walk in for hours, as well as comfortable clothes.

DO plan your trip well, what you want to see and where you want to eat, in order to not miss anything you are interested to do in Venice.

DON’T plan only two days to stay in Venice. Stay at least 4-5 days and explore outside the main island of Venice. There are great places to visit around Venice like the Murano and Burano. Click here for more tips.

DO visit Venice in April-May as well as September-October. Otherwise you’ll be surprised if you have walk on risers occasionally when the city floods in winter.

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