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shu uemura art of hair, the crown of Japanese luxury beauty brand, invited me for a splendid hair treatment at Salzburg’s well-known Hairdesign Kaufmann Salon. Here I want to show you my hair treatment experience and how to protect the colored hair with shu uemura products. 



A month ago I went to Salzburg with shu uemura for a special hair treatment at Hairdesign Kaufmann Salon. We all know, self-inflicted – brittle, dry and irreparably damaged hair is the result of years of heat-treating, dyeing and styling.

I dye my hair almost eight years now and there is no day I go out without styling my hair. Played with lighter color, blonde shades and ombre coloring for years. No wonder my hair got damaged and dry – I’m blaming myself for that!

Regular shampooing and conditioning is not making any difference either and it could also be the dust and pollution taking a shine on my hair. Thankfully, professional hands of Hairdesign Kaufmann Salon‘s staff created the best treatment for my hair with shu uemura art of hair products that brought the healthy glow back.

The story behind the Japanese Master of contemporary beauty, shu uemura art of hair

The master and the artist Shu Uemura set forth to revolutionize the world of make-up in 1958 and to define new standards of beauty, combining the power of nature to the passion and sensitivity of an artist. shu uemura art of hair is a hair care brand with exceptional treatments, shampoos, and styling formulas, all designed around rare ingredients and precious oils such as argan oil,  camelia oil or musk rose oil.

shu uemura art of hair in-salon ceremonies

Inspired by Japanese tea ceremonies, a ceremony treatment delivers exceptional results tailored to your hair’s specific requirements paired with a shiatsu-inspired massage.

“Each salon should exist as an atelier of artists that creates new beauty”. Mr. Shu Uemura

The Hairdesign Kaufmann salon works with shu uemura art of hair. The salons professional hair artists with luxurious treatments and tailored massages took me on a multi-sensorial journey and reveal a perfect hair fiber and a perfect hairstyle.




STEP 1: Muroto Volume Pure Lightness Shampoo 

This is the most wonderful shampoo for fine hair. It’s paraben-free and silicone-free shampoo for fine hair that gently cleanses to infuse long-lasting volume with weightless finish. Fortifies the hair fiber to protect against damage and maintain bounce and movement.


STEP 2: Instant Replenisher Full Revitalizing Serum

With this product, you can achieve maximum results in only 5 minutes. This professional grade rinse out treatment spray is suitable for all hair types and offers shine, strength, softness, and suppleness.

STEP 3:  Master Serum Moisture Master

The Moisture Master line of shu uemura art of hair is a serum that can give your hair dry and dehydrated all the nutrition lost. Suitable for those who suffer from the problem of hair always dehydrated and then become more brittle and break easily, serum Moisture Master line of shu uemura art of hair will turn the tables. This serum fluid and refined restores the hydration that the fibers have not naturally or that tend to lose as a result of the high temperatures of the brushing.

STEP 4: Shimmer Master 

If you have colored hair, but after the first wash feel that they lose their liveliness and see them off, anonymous and without life, serum Shimmer Master is the best product. It is a serum that will give new shimmer to your hair that will shine out as soon as the hairdresser. This serum works perfectly well on natural hair: their color will be more lively and dynamic than ever.

It’s made from wild rose and essential vitamins. This happy combination is able to protect hair against oxidation and donate your hair extreme gloss.


STEP 5: Master Base 

The Repair Master is designed for damaged hair, using Golden Roots and Ceramide 4000 to repair and stop breakage. All serums are mixed with the Master Base, which is packed with Japanese Gentian Extract to soothe the scalp, plump the hair fibre and bring back shine to dull locks. The beauty of this treatment is that it is fully customizable to target any kind of hair.


STEP 1: Fiber Lift – Protective Voluminizing Hair Gel
Hair gel delivers lasting support for any style from roots to ends and builds voluminous body throughout. Offers protection from heat and external agressors as well as all-day humidity resistance. Perfect before blowdry!

STEP 2: Depsea Foundation – Daily Style Refresher
Texturizing hair primer that balances, fortifies, and repairs to enhance the performance of other styling products. Can also be used on air dried hair to tame and smooth while adding subtle movement and texture. Unlike other hair primers, Depsea Foundation also doubles as a leave-in conditioner, providing optimal moisture balance. Perfect for air dry and beach waves!

STEP 3: Essence Absolue  Nourishing Protective Oil 
Multi-use hair oil that moisturizes and protects hair with intense nutrition. Camellia Oil absorbs rapidly, deep into the hair’s cortex, leaving it soft and silky with high shine. This velvety hair oil rebalances the hair’s moisture level and provides all-day UV protection without weighing down even the finest of hair. Love using this oil everyday!

STEP 4: Sheer Lacquer – Finishing Hairspray 

Micro-mist hairspray that creates a strong, yet flexible, hold with a modern and touchable finish. Ensures shape memory and workable control so you can brush through after application and still enjoy long-lasting staying power. The hairspray also provides heat protection and humidity resistance.


Hairdesign Kaufmann Salon is situated at Nonntaler Hauptstraße 116, in Salzburg. Not only was the salon modern and beautiful, every stylist had great hair and every customer walking out looked fabulous. The blow out is not part of the Hair Ceremony process. They are two separate services and you will be charged accordingly. I recommend you go on a day where you would really love a pick-me-up just to look good or when you are in need of primping for a special date or occasion. I loved the whole process and my hair looked healthy and bouncy in one hour!

Photography by Alex Sutter ©DisiCouture


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