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From warm to cooler tones, this fall brings the best shades you can wear from AM to PM . Now it’s time to update your collection!

When the seasons are changing, so are fall beauty trends coming with new hues. While there are so many lipstick shades, I have chosen season’s hottest hues and textures to try right now. As seen on the fall 2019 runways, this fall brings something for everyone. Whether you prefer a fine deep red or opt to keep your lips looking more natural, there is a shade for everyone. Scroll down to learn my season’s 9 favorite lipstick shades:

For all the adventure seekers out there, this customizable metallic brown lipstick by Guerlain, will take you to another planet. The satin and metallic formulas combine hyaluronic acid and gugul resin to smooth and pump up the lips.

Rouge G de Guerlain Metallic #93

If you love extra sensual lips, Chanel’s new Rouge Coco Flash is a must-have lipstick of this season. It’s comfortable to wear, intense color that transforms on contact with lips for an enhanced high-shine effect.

Chanel Rouge Coco Flash in #92 Amour

This ultra-saturated liquid lipstick of Rouge Dior Ultra Care Liquid, has an incredible creamy texture and weightless wear with petal velvet finish. It’s the 1st lipstick infused with flower oil, delivering ultra care and 12-hour* wear. Inspired by the flowers so dear to the House of Dior.

Rouge Dior Ultra Care Liquid in #808 lychee pink

Are you ready for the ‘Bare Truth’? This new Bobbi Brown lipstick delivers shine-amplified color for a sculpted and full-lips look. It’s packed with nourishing ingredients such as vitamin E essential oils, as well as hyaluronic acid. This emollient-rich lipstick glides luxuriously onto lips and hydrates instantly and over time.

Bobbi Brown Luxe Shine Intense Lipstick in ‘Bare Truth’

It’s not red, it’s not orange, it’s not nude. The Rouge Dior Ultra Care in 707 Bliss is a perfect combo of all three colors. With 12-hour wear, inspired by the flowers so dear to the House of Dior, this lipstick gives you just enough glam to look like a Goddess.

Rouge Dior Ultra Care in 707 Bliss

MAC always comes through with the sophisticated fall lip colors every season. This lipstick from Love Me collection is a muted, medium pink with strong warm undertones. Long lasting color and moisturizing for fall weather. Tres Blasé is a gorgeous fall lipstick shade to elevate your look. 

MAC Tres Blasé

Modern but timeless, that’s why beautiful shade was named Kontemporary. It looks incredible on any skin tone and will take your look from simple to put-together.

Rouge à Lèvres Color Riche Karl Lagerfeld X L’Oréal Paris – 02 Kontemporary

Is it just me, or is a classic red lip even more glam in the fall? The new powdery matte and highly pigmented couture lipstick by Givenchy, embodies the chic and sensorial attributes of the Givenchy Maison. Le Rouge Deep Velvet is extremely matte and ultra pigmented, that covers the lips in an intense color for 12 hours*.

Givenchy #37 Rouge Graine

The ultimate modern matte lipstick in red, Rouge G de Guerlain contains a blend of black seed oil and intense pigments. The semi-matte formula ensures the perfect balance between hydration and vibrant color. Enriched with hyaluronic acid and blurring powders, it helps smooth and plump the lips.

Rouge G de Guerlain in #27 Matte

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