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20 NOTES ON 2020

WHAT A YEAR!!! I can’t believe, it’s 30th of December already! The past weeks, I spent a lot of time reflecting on life, on this new “normality”, and where I am today. With this post, I want to reflect on a few points that made this year special.

Here are my 20 notes on 2020

  1. This year I talked to my family more than ever. From FaceTime to Zoom, text messages to phone calls— EVERYDAY. Although the first lockdown was difficult for me to stay positive all the time, because I was getting anxious about what is coming next? When will I see my family again? When will I have the next project? But thank God, I could travel to my parents after 7 months. Found my focus back on my work and started to get used to the extraordinary “normality”.
  2. On the 25th of January, I have become an aunt for the first time. My niece is one of the best things that happened to me this year. I cannot wait to celebrate her first birthday in January and to be with my family soon.
  3. Alone time is an essential part of the creative process. Working from home, creating content alone, practicing pilates from home, was challenging and I gained a whole new perspective on life and what I am capable of doing alone.
  4. In the beginning of 2020, I decided to start the Pilates Reformer instructor education. Luckily the first part of the course was before the first lockdown, so we could manage to finish all the three parts of the trainee this year.
  5. I love practicing Pilates at home, but surely more on the Reformer when the first lockdown was over. I hope the current lockdown will be over soon, so that I can go back to the Pilates Reformer studio again.
  6. I probably have never walked so much in my life, like this year. Walking outside is the highlight during the lockdown, and I enjoy exploring corners of my hometown.
  7. Cooking and eating healthy, have become my top priorities.
  8. Self-care was always important for me, but this year I took it to the next level.
  9. I am thankful for having the opportunity to visit Vivamayr cure this year. It was an amazing experience and I learned a lot about my body!
  10. Cleaning and tidying up, has become my serious hobby. This year I have been Marie Kondo-ing my life!
  11. I’m truly blessed to have real friends in my life, who always check up on me.
  12. I came closer to some new friends, whom I met often this year and created new memories.
  13. I let go negative people. I noticed that it costs my peace, so it’s definitely too expensive to hold on negativity.
  14. I enjoyed wearing nice clothes, doing my hair and makeup, even when I just stayed at home.
  15. Books are my best friends during the lockdown.
  16. My sleep has improved a lot this year. Waking at the same time every day helps to sleep better at night.
  17. I love listening to inspirational podcasts.
  18. This year I did lot of charity work. Donated food, as well as money to people in need.
  19. A lesson learned from Covid is that we humans know how to adapt very easily.
  20. All the negative things that happened this year made me connect myself with my body and soul. I value my time with my people, the content and life I create for myself.

On a side note: I hope everyone who reads this post, is feeling content with everything that 2020 has thrown to you, regardless of current circumstances. I hope that you can view this year back and feel blessed where you are today.

Wishing you health and prosperity in the new year. May your year be filled with lot of blessings!

On this post, I am wearing a full Susanne Spatt outfit, Tammy & Benjamin bag, and Högl boots.

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20 NOTES ON 2020