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While the wind gently pulls the leaves off the trees, golden and ruby red colored leaves carpeting the cobbled streets. You will be amazed by picturesque sunny parks, and the vineyards of Vienna’s surroundings. As one of the most beautiful cities in the World, Vienna becomes even more beautiful during fall.

Personally, I love Vienna in fall! A perfect time going outdoors and enjoying the crisp, fresh air of fall. You can experience the most picturesque surroundings of Vienna, or long walks through the vineyards. So, today I want to share with you, my favorite things to do in Vienna in fall.

What to do in Vienna in fall?

One of the most beautiful places to enjoy fall, Vienna is filled with lot of colorful impressions full of life. A chance to wear the chicest fall outfits, you won’t want to miss out on an fall-inspired trip to the Austrian capital.

1. Enjoy Vienna coffee culture

There’s no better way to enjoy a warm drink and watch people from one of the many terraced of traditional Viennese cafés. You can even order a traditional Turkish coffee with Turkish delights, as well as a standard espresso, a tea- the possibilities are endless!

Viennese Coffee Houses offer traditional dishes and delicious desserts. For a traditional experience, you can order Tafelspitz (prime boiled beef) which is as a main but it comes with a soup so you have both, or a vegetable strudel for the veggies, a Kaiserschmarrn (Emperor’s Mess) or an apple strudel for dessert. My favorite old Viennese coffee houses are: Café Central, Café Landtmann, Café Diglas at Stephansplatz, Café Prückel and Café Sperl.

2. Take a stroll through the city

To discover the best of hidden gems and forgotten corners that the City of Music has to offer is, to walk and get a little lost in the city. When I moved to Vienna, I walked a lot and that was the best way to discover the city. My favorite districts to walk are: the 1st, 9th, 7th and 4th district.

3. Enjoy the views from the hills

Fall is the best time to enjoy walking on the hills of Wienerwald, through the vineyards. The surroundings of Vienna are easy accessible, which create ideal conditions for hill walking. Take the bus 38A from Heiligenstadt train station to Kahlenberg, and enjoy the breathtaking view over Vienna as well as the Danube, and walk back to the city.

4. Visit a Viennese Museum

When the weather gets colder or it’s rainy, why not visit one of the Viennese museums? With over a hundred museums, you’ll sure find one that you like! From Chocolate Museum to great cultural institutions such as the The Kunsthistorisches Museum “Museum of Art History”, also often referred to as the “Museum of Fine Arts”; there’s no better time to visit museums in Vienna than during fall. My favorite museums in Vienna are: the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Weltmuseum Wien, Belvedere Museum, Albertina Museum, and Wien Museum.

5. Enjoy the Long Night of Museums

This magical event is usually on the first weekend of October, when the doors of all museum are open all night long. Around 200 museums and galleries can be visited from 6PM to 1AM. Thousands of visitors go out to enjoy the versatile program of art, entertainment and information in the city.

6. Visit The Schönbrunn Palace

One of my favorite places in town, Schönbrunn Palace and the gardens are one of Austria’s most important cultural assets, and it has been one of Vienna’s major tourist attractions since decades. Take the underground line U4 to Schönbrunn and enjoy a walk in the beautiful park of the palace. You must walk up to the hill for a unique view, or even make a coffee break at Café Gloriette.

7. Visit the World’s Oldest Zoo

World’s oldest Zoo has a rich number of habitats from the arctic to the tropics. Like flamingos, pandas, elephants, where you can see more than 700 species of animals in the unique setting of this UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. Admission price for the adults is € 20,00 and € 10,00 for kids.

8. Palmenhaus Schönbrunn or Butterfly House

Both historical architectural jewels, Palmenhaus in Schönbrunn and the Butterfly House are my favorite places to visit when it’s cold outside. The Butterfly house was built during the Art Nouveu period at the beginning of the last century. However Palmenhaus, the largest Palm House on the Europe was erected in 1881/2 to designs by Franz Xaver Segenschmid. The Butterfly House is located in the heart of Vienna, but the Palmenhaus is located at Schönbrunn Palace gardens. Both worth visiting if you love botanical gardens and butterflies!

9. Parks and Gardens of Vienna

If you are looking for a place to take a break in the center of Vienna, you can visit one of the beautiful city parks at any time. My favorite parks in Vienna are: Stadtpark, Volksgarten, Burggarten, Lichtenstein Palace Gardens, Schönbrunn Palace Gardens and Türkenschanzpark.

10. Visit Naschmarkt and have lunch in Vienna’s spiciest market

Fall means that farmers’ markets will be filled with fall’s freshest fruits and vegetables. Vienna’s largest and best known market offers a mixture of Viennese and international culinary specialities. Unfortunately closed on Sundays, but you should definitely go on Friday or Saturday for a stroll and fresh food.

What’s the weather in Vienna in the fall?

Just like fall season in Central Europe is – some days are cold and rainy, but there are also wonderful warm sunny days. You can either experience the Indian summer, or it can also get cold, rainy, and foggy. For example, while the highs in September are as high as 25 (with lows of 15), October highs are more like 18-20 (with lows of 10), in November highs are 13 (with lows of 8). Depending on the month you visit, but always bring plenty of layers, as well as waterproof shoes and a warm jacket.

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